My Badass Self

My Badass Self

Hi, fam! I’m Sammy J! Allow me to introduce myself.

Aside from being the "Cebuanang kalog", there's a lot more to know about me. But more than anything, I’m a loving mother of two amazing boys who have managed to master the art of MULTITASKING.


My hobbies include vlogging, singing and working out like I'm still brokenhearted! I’m very active on social media, namely Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok, as I love to share my everyday life and all the activities I do.

Professionally, I am an entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Sammy J. It’s where I channel my strong passion for fitness. I love pushing myself to the limit and achieving my goals, being fit and healthy has simply done wonders for me. It continuously gives me the fuel to efficiently juggle my responsibilities and hobbies and I want everyone (especially women) to gain the same physical, mental, and spiritual energy that I have.

This website and all of my content I put out, aims to help shape you guys to be the best and healthiest version of yourselves.

Working out is easier said than done. Some days can be truly rough, but I’ll be there with you, whether it’s through sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges, twerking and all (LOL). I’ll match you sweat for sweat, one calorie-burning rep after another. Together, we’ll unleash the superpowers inside you!

Health is wealth, fam! So, get wealthy by getting fit & staying healthy!

And remember: YES! WE CAN HAVE IT ALL. It’s time for a change, lose your fears, and it all starts here with me and a little blood, sweat and tears! "Pag gusto, may paraan".

It’s all up to you,

Follow me on social media. You can find me on your favorite platforms posting workout tips and recipes – while having a lot of fun (with a bit of sexy content too!).

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